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Goals for the New Year

Greatness. In executible format.

I’ve been kinda like a bottom feeder with FOSS.

This year, I resolve to do more than hit the download link on the latest build. I resolve to do more than just run occasional “sudo apt-get update” commands, sitting back and watching gleefully, yet idly, as the hundreds of hours of hundreds of peoples’ efforts are transmitted over 802.11g/n in just a few seconds (I sometimes don’t even read the release notes – blasphemy!). I resolve to raise the number of uploads I make to the Open Source community into the non-negative category.

There are loads of great companies out there; I don’t need to list them out for you. But specifically, I’m looking at Mozilla to be the company that I will help contribute to. In particular, I hope to dedicate this year to testing, documenting, etc. components of the Firefox browser (which, in my opinion, should be a Minimum Requirement for anyone choosing to exist in this universe).

And I’m going to start with Test Pilot. It’s the easiest way to get started! Now that I’ve installed it and completed a few surveys, I can begin to accomplish this resolution. Wish me luck!

More details/updates to come.

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