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Mozilla Labs “The Crowdsourcing Project”

Hey so there’s a couple updates I wanted to talk about here.

First, let me address the title. Right, so I was selected to be one among the team of 15 students chosen around the world to participate in the latest Mozilla Labs Concept Series project, called “The Crowdsourcing Project”. You can check out our homepage right over here for more details about the project, but i’ll copy-paste the Overview here for convenience:

The Mozilla Labs Concept Series and Design Challenges are initiatives in the area of open innovation and crowdsourcing. Though both initiatives are fairly popular, we believe that they could do even better. Main opportunities are in the areas of overall participation as well as interaction & collaboration (turning ideas into concepts and prototypes) and tooling & scalability (see our presentation for details).

The Mozilla Labs “Crowdsource Crowdsourcing” Project aims to bring students from leading universities together; to perform a status quo/gap analysis, collect and analyze best practices, develop ideas & concepts, run experiments and gather user feedback to develop and implement a best in class open innovation / crowdsourcing program.

To put it shortly, this is exactly the kind of project that I am interested in. [AH damn it, just lost a saving of this draft.. I had written a lot more.. grr…]

Anyway, the idea of synergism is something that I’ve been fascinated with for a very long time. I once saw a TV show many years ago about swarm intelligence of fish, ants, and birds. There’s a lot of potential in crowds and that is exactly what we are seeking to bring out here. So far, since we just started, there’s not a lot of updates yet. But once the ball gets rolling, I’ll be sure to tell more about my progress. I’m also hoping to do some guest blogging about the project on the Mozilla Labs blog, so that’ll be very cool. 🙂

That’s the major news for now. I’ll probably post again soon with more updates and thoughts about my research.


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