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A Small Rant

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Seriously, the only point of this post is to complain about how terrible font rendering is on Windows. I run a native Ubuntu box that dual-boots into Windows. And literally any font that I try to apply here via TypeKit looks great on Ubuntu and Mac but absolutely horrendous on Windows! I was trying to change up the look of my blog yesterday and tried to apply some nice fonts to it. I referred to one of my favorite sites, Browser Shots, to look at how it looked on different browsers and different OSes. Seriously, everything on Windows looks like crap! Sigh.

Here’s a comparison below of a very nice font, Calluna, as it looks in different OSes (click on the images to see full resolution – you can’t get a good comparison otherwise):

The comparison is striking. At fonts smaller than 16, which is what is most text on this blog is smaller than, the Windows rendering looks very choppy and unclear, as if written by an old typewriter and then manually copied about two dozen times. It sucks.

So, I’m back to boring Web-safe fonts. I disabled my TypeKit account that comes with a WordPress blog because it’s useless. Basically every single font that uses the @font-face type looks crappy. Oh and by the way, it’s not just IE’s fault (although it is partially); Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7 look the same way. Ugh.


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